Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fernando de Noronha

My favority place is Fernando de Noronha, a island near to Brazil coast, about 300km away.
Fernando de Noronha has 3 of the most 10 beautiful beaches in Brazil. Their names are (1) Baia dos Porcos (Pigs Bay), Morro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers Montain) e Praia do Leao (Lion Beach). I think that the most beautiful beach is 'Morro Dois Irmaos' where there are turtles, sharks and dolphins, and it has clear blue waters. This beach has a difficult access, you have to walk about 30min go up the cliff. When you are near the sea, you need to choose two tracks: (1) go down the cliff in a dangerous path or (2) go down by a hole that has a metal stairs with 50 steps.
The island has a lot of things to do: diving, walking, go around by car, ride a bike, ride a horse, etc. I remember that I paid NZ$ 20,00 for a buggy trip to know every beaches.
The Sunset is incredible there. It beginning at 5:15pm, a beautiful song in a restaurant located on ridge of the peak.
However, each day you stay in Fernando de Noronha, you pay about NZ$ 18,00. Food is expensive too, I paid NZ$ 30,00 in one dinner, for a spagetti and some meat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fermented Pickled (Tofu)

It looks like a Bloody Mary drink / tomato sauce. It smells like whisky. I think that Tofu is a cheese without any taste (or almost none), but this fermented one tastes like 'Molho Ingles' (a sauce commom in Brazil). It is very salty too.

Blue Cheese

It looks like a white triangle stone (marble), but with some little blue lines spread on it. It tastes like a strong cheese, that I forgot the name. It smells like dirty clothes. I think its a great food for eating with a beer in a sunny day (or a lot of beers in any day).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bridal Veil Falls 4

No time to talking here... Lab is closing...

Bridal Veil Falls 3

Bridal Veil Falls 2

It was the first time that I've seen a water falls. Man, it's incredible. About 55 meters high.

Bridal Veil Falls 1

It's my favourity place until this moment. In path to Ranglan Beach, about 30min by car, we stopped to take some pic here. This pic was taken from automatic camera facillity.

Temple - 5

Uau!! I forgot this incredible pic here... This road is in front the Temple. I was afraid of a car behind me. "hurry up Shawm.."

Pirongia Mountain 3

It's my host brother, Shawn, he is 18 years old, and he is starting the Laws Corse on Waikato University. I forget the tree name where we are stand...

Pirongia Mountain 2

This is one of my favourities pics until now. We were just walking on this track, when my host mum asked if I would like to take a pic here. Thanks Sue...

Pirongia Mountain 1

We walk about 1 hour here, the track is maden by wood and little rocks. There is a little river, with this bridge. The temperature is getting colder when you go inside this closed florest.

A farm...

Before yet to arrive the mountain, we stop again to see a cows farm. There is a machine where you put milk, and can feed little cows, like a baby's bottle.

Temple - 4

What strang pic! You can explain that??

Temple - 3

This landscape is outside the temple. If you pay attencion, you will see the Hamilton Hospital (huge building) so far away.

Temple - 2

Look at this building... My host brother said that only people wearing white suit can get in this temple. So...

Temple - 1

On Saturday, we went to a walk in Pirangia Montain, that is about 30min from Hamilton. But, before, we stop to know a huge temple, that you can see in pic above...

Final game...

We need to win, but we have lost. The Saint John team scored first, but lost by 3x1. I think that the other team has taller and more experient players. We didn't score in few chances. The second place here.

My room there...

This is my window room. Every day, in the morning, my window has water spreading in it, because the freezing night outside.

My homestay family house

My host dad, Jack, and me in this beatiful garden, in front of the house. Almost every house has gardens in front. Hamilton is extremely green.

Raglan Beach - 10

Another picture showing this black sand beach. Althought black, of course, my feet don't get dirty, just with sand.

Raglan Beach - 9

Almost nobody on beach in this season. A few fishers and surfers. Trees in NLZ grow up around the edges too.

Raglan Beach - 8

.... this kind of war place. My host mum said that NZLs stayed in this little house to see japanese coming oversea. It is warm and wet inside.

Raglan Beach - 7

Aaron and me running on beach... and going to...

Raglan Beach - 6

The Raglan has some black sands split by the ocean. Water is freezing on this season (winter), but some people was swimming. See this pier, and there is a little bridge for trespassing.

Raglan Beach - 5

It's commom to have lunch on beach. There are some places with tables to enjoying food and the seaview.

Raglan Beach - 4

In New Zealand has black sand (see this pic) on the wester coast, maybe, produced for vulcan eruptions, and white sand on the easter cost. In Brazil we have a lot of white sand beaches.

Raglan Beach - 3

Look at this man surfing on the rocks!! Fantastic equilibrium, in a so windy day.

Raglan Beach - 2

I'm in the top of a hill, in a garden. It was the first sunset in the Ocean, because in Brazil we have just easter coast. Some westerly wind always blew to my long hair (see this?).

Raglan Beach - 1

Yesterday, we went to a beach, called Raglan, about 50 min from Hamilton. The day was sunny with high pressure. Really mild to go to the beach on winter. But, for me (brazilian), was nippy.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Host Gradmom

I forgot of showing my host grandmom! They had a suprise to her, after dinner. They brought the cake, and a lot of gifts. I wouldn't know from this suprise, and I gave my congratulations and a gift before dinner. I think that I made this mistake...

Chocolate Cake

As in every birthday, my host gradmom blew a lot of candles, and we ate a delicious chocolate cake.

Dinner at GrandMom Birth

I'm having a health experience here. In Brazil, almost every dinner, I had some trash food, like pizza, hamburguer, pastas. Food behavor in NZL is not so good to, because they eat a lot of chocalate and frying things. But my homestay family has two children, and they always try to eat vegetables. Yesterday, we had carrots boiled, crispy potatoes, corn and turkey.

Host Grandmother Birthday

Look at Jack's face. He is funny, always doing jokes. "The window of the soul is the smile", he said that it's the secret for the happiness life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brazilian Monkey

Is it a Brazilian Monkey in Hamilton Zoo??

Driving a New Zealand car

No, I'm not driving this car. In New Zealand, drivers are on right side, like in England. We were to the Aarons Soccer Game.

Aarons Soccer Game

On Saturday, we went to Aarons Soccer Game. He is the St Jones goalkeeper team. Jack is the coach from this High School team. They won by 11 to zero. Incredible. They are on second, and next weekend they will play against the first team. If they'll win, they are the season champion.

A pic in Hamilton Zoo

See this pictures in Zoo. I think New Zealand thas a lot of places like that in Hamilton city. So few residential bulding. Every street has his name in a little blue pole. It's easy to walk and ride bike here.

Aaron and me

My host brother, Aaron, bring me to a Zoo on Sunday. I have taked a lot of pictures of all animals there: camel, giraffe, tiger, red panda, monkeys, etc.

My Homestay Family

This is my homestay family. From left to right: Aaron, Shawn (behind), Sue and Jack. They are so kind with me. They simply gave to me a bike which I use to go to my classes. I'm feeling if I would be a member of this lovely family.

My gloves and me

My room has two beds. I have more space that I need.

My room

This is my room. I have my speakers burned, because they are set to 110V, and here (NZL) we have 220V.
I'm having spent my time at night, watching some movie that I got free from Language Institute. I have watched two movies with Robert D Niro: (1) Score and (2) Great Expectation. The Score is great, but the Great Expectation is a little crazy.

Another dinner, another surprise...

Next dinner, we had fried potatos, white bean and eggs. The way that the fried potatos are maden is funny. They are envolved with some paper, covering with a newspaper and put them to grill.

Every night I have a surprise for dinner. My host mom, Sue, is a bloody cooker.

Chinese Food in homestay NZL

It was my chinese dinner on Monday, with some rice, vegetables, chicken and noddles. My host mom, Sue, prepares a different food every night. In New Zealand, the main meal is dinner. Every night, I drink a NZL beer with my host dad, Jack. Some days, we have red wine in dinner. We usually have our dinner after 7pm, always together.

First Post

I'm in a afternoon class and I'm just testing my blog, because teacher, Katherine, asked us to open and mantain it updated.