Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fernando de Noronha

My favority place is Fernando de Noronha, a island near to Brazil coast, about 300km away.
Fernando de Noronha has 3 of the most 10 beautiful beaches in Brazil. Their names are (1) Baia dos Porcos (Pigs Bay), Morro Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers Montain) e Praia do Leao (Lion Beach). I think that the most beautiful beach is 'Morro Dois Irmaos' where there are turtles, sharks and dolphins, and it has clear blue waters. This beach has a difficult access, you have to walk about 30min go up the cliff. When you are near the sea, you need to choose two tracks: (1) go down the cliff in a dangerous path or (2) go down by a hole that has a metal stairs with 50 steps.
The island has a lot of things to do: diving, walking, go around by car, ride a bike, ride a horse, etc. I remember that I paid NZ$ 20,00 for a buggy trip to know every beaches.
The Sunset is incredible there. It beginning at 5:15pm, a beautiful song in a restaurant located on ridge of the peak.
However, each day you stay in Fernando de Noronha, you pay about NZ$ 18,00. Food is expensive too, I paid NZ$ 30,00 in one dinner, for a spagetti and some meat.