Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Waikato Language Institute 2

Brazilian group at coffee room. We can free mocaccino all the day, and we can play pool here on the breaks. Of course, the table is awful, and the balls are a little broken. Kemel is from Palmas/Tocantis and Goiani is from Goiania/Goias.

Waikato Language Institute 1

This is my room in the morning class at Waikato Language Institute. I looked like this guy in the picture, because I've slept in Kemel's house, on the floor, just using a sleep bag.

Kiyomi's Party 6

This is the South American group, and the South American way to spend time in a party. We were Chilean, Brazilian and one South American Japanese guy, Naoya. The Chilean fellow, Cristian, have baptized him as Robinho, the South American Japanese name.

Kiyomi's Party 5

I'm not crazy, becaming gay, or another insane thing. It's just a game in PlayStation2, where you can play ping pong with your own body, using hands to hit the ball. Playing this drunk is very crazy...

Kiyomi's Party 4

We (I and Kemel) have brought all the beer. It costs 19 dollars for 16 bottles. It was few, because everyone took a beer when we've arrived. Japanese guys was cooking some food, they prefer have a big meal.

Kiyomi's Party 3

These are the Chilean friends. They have the same Brazilian way to kill time: drinking, playing pool, talking about shit. Cool, they are very friendly people.

Kiyomi's Party 2

This export gold NZL beer is quite similar to a Brazilian beer, Skoll. Sayuri was drinking two ones on the same time, and smoking a lot. No, it's just a joke, she doesn't smoke, neither drinking.

Kiyomi's Party 1

When I've got out at Language Institute, I went to Kemel's house, to take a shower. We arrived in Kiyomi's house about 7, bringing some beers to the fellows. Nobody was drinking when we've arrived there.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Another weird tree...

As you cannot see (because it's dark), this tree has 4 trunks, and it's in FairField too. Kiyomi's house is there. Usually, I'll go to her house by bike, and we'll go to university to play tennis.

Christmas tree in NZL

This beautiful tree is common in FairField, however, as you can see, it isn't a tree, but a power poll.

Lunch in a Takeway

When we were caming back to home, we stopped to eating something in this Chinese Takeway. It's so common find this kind of shop food here in NZL. They made the famous "fish and chips", the favourity food for kiwis.

Waikato University 3

I have seen a postgraduated course in Computer Science here, and it costs only NZ$ 23 thousand per year, i.e., about R$ 40 thousand a year.

The trouble with white collar crime in Brazil

There is a lot of crimes in Brazil. Our thieves haven't invent the "crime", but they have been improving the way to steal someone. Brazil is known as a criative nation. Brazilian people are really criative and well-humored.

I read a book 4 years ago called The Art of Stealing Chickens (A arte de roubar galinhas), written by an important journalist, Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro. He describes some interesting stories about Brazilian thieves. One of these stories is about how poor thieves find the chickens' eggs. They simply warm the chickens' ass. You know why? Just before a chicken lays an egg, it feels its ass become warm. So, the chicken goes to its secret nest to do "this task".

Despite this interesting things (which don't have utility for anybody), I'll write some words about the critic situation that it's happening in Brazil today: white collar crime. Actually, this problem is so older than the Brazil's age: 500 years. However, government can be involved in this scandals. A parlamentar, Roberto Jefferson, have denounced huge irregularities that they are managed by the chief of lower House, Jose Dirceu. Dirceu haven't never admited to be guilty, but the left his position in government. The biggest problem rely in Work Party, that it has a history of struggling disonest politics, and now, apparently, it was accused for buy some parlamentars (about NZ$ 20.000 per month) to vote in its favour in some projects in lower House. Brazilian people can't believe that the President, Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva, might not know what it was happening in his government.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Waikato University 2

The phrase above the name Waikato is written in Maori Language. Maori people looks like south america people, beautiful people. Well, they have a beautiful kind of dancing and fight, called Haka. The national rugbi team (All Black) from NZL always do this dance before the match start.

Waikato University 1

This is the famous Waikato University in NZL. The name Waikato is designed to the region around the Waikato river. There are games of rugbi among the regions teams. Well, the university is very clean, green, simply gorgeous.

Friday, September 23, 2005

First time in Cinema here

It's my first time in Hamilton cinema. Factory Chocolate movie with my brazilian friend, Ana. She works as dentist in Cambrige, and she is going to move to Auckland next week. It was freezing yesterday...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brazil's discovering

(this is just a task in my morning class)

My essay is divided in four paragraphs: (1) when and for who Brazil was discored; (2) Treaty of Tordesilhas, which divide the "New World" between Spain and Portugal; (3) Origin of the name Brazil and (4) Portuguese Settlement in Brazil.

It's correct that Colombus discovered America in 1942, however, Brazil was discovered some years later by Pedro Alvares Cabral, in 22th April of 1500. This day is a holiday in Brazil, of course, and the birthday of my great friend, Joao Neto, "the Hunter". However, Brazil is a few older than Joao, just 478 years. The first place that Pedro Alvares Cabral saw in Brazil was "Porto Seguro" (Safe Harbor), at state of Bahia.

In that old ages, Spain and Portugal was disputing for colonizing new territories around the world. Among several agreements, they signed, in 1494, the Treaty of Tordesilhas, creating the Tordesilhas Meridian. Certainly, you can be thinking about the dates (1492 and 1500). Actually, they didn't know about how big was the America territory, and they divided the Earth in two sides, and after that, Portugal was always trying to extend the Tordesilhas Meridian to left side.

There are a lot of controversy about the orgin of the name Brazil. The official history, the same that it was tought in school, is that the name comes from "Pau-Brazil", a kind of tree achieved in Brazil discovering. This wood was used to make red dye. Actually, not red, but it looked like a burning coal (brasa in portuguese). However, in 1940's, the spelling changed to Brasil, maybe, it was motivated by the word "brasa". Both 'S' and 'Z' spelling are acceptable.

Brasil is the only Portuguese-speaking nation in America. It was manager by Lisboa until 1808, when the royal family ran away from Napolean Army and they came to set up in Rio de Janeiro, which is considered the first capital of Brasil. Because Brasil is so huge, they divided in 15 heretage captainships.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Childhood

As you know, I’m 26 years old Brazilian guy. I’m the younger child of my family: one brother and two sisters. My parents meet themselves in Northeast of Brazil, Joao Pessoa. They had the first child there, Eduardo. After, they moved to Southeast, because my father went to do a Master course in Management. They stay there at least by 4 years. I and my 2 sisters were born in Belo Horizonte city. In just two years, we moved to Rio de Janeiro, the most famous city from Brazil, with the famous party, Carnival. After two years again, my parents decide to return to Joao Pessoa (JP), because is a small city, so, it has less pollution and it’s more safe to live.

When I arrived at JP (1983), my first school had only girls and few boys... What season that... This pic was got when I was 7 years.

Unfortunately, two years later, boys weren't allowed there anymore. Actually, in that time, I didn't have mature to undestand that I was in paradise. Oh man!! I changed with all my friends to PIO X (1989), and after to PhD School (1993). Here, at Hamilton, there is a High School called Saint Jones, from Marist Champanhagt, like PIO X. My host brother, Aaron, has been studying there.

I definitely had a happy childhood. I remember that I used to play volleyball with my all family every weekend. Every kids in my street used to play some games together, like "guerra-bandeira", soccer, volleyball, hide-hide, and trays games too, like War, "Imagem e Acao". In that time, kids also loved playing video. I started with Atari, and after, I spent a lot of time playing MegaDrive. I remember that I missed a class to play the game "Rambo" in a friend house.

My father always was a straight and serious man. When I got 8.5 in Maths, he would want a 9 or 10. So, I always used to study a lot. I remember that my brother passed in "Vestibular", for second call, in eletric engineer, and in his comemoration party, someone congratulation my father to his son and he said: "Yeh, but for second call". This fact was stored in my brain, and I passed in 5th place, in Computer Science, for not hearing it from him.

I had a lot of spines in my face, and I was so shy too. So, I didn't have many girlfriends. Actually, I got my first girlfriend at 19 years old. She was so different from me. She had tatoos, red hair, smoking addicted... After we split up, I had another 3 girlfriends, and I got engaged by 5 months too. Nowadays, I realize that charmous is more important than physical appearance. It's not a conversation of a ugly guy :) I really believe in it.

Once I came into university, the proportion of male:female was 10:1 in Computer Science (CS). I had been studying CS by 6 years. The few girls were marriaged ones ou nuns.

I lived at JP by about 20 years. I had my degree in Computer Science there, in 1999. Next year, I went to Recife city, to do my Master Computer in Computer Science to, specifically in Artificial Intelligence. I have a great remind from this time. I went to Las Vegas to present a paper in an International Conference. It was the first time that I got a plane, and of course, the first time that I went overseas. It was so difficult, because my English was more bad than today. Can you believe a Brazilian guy presenting a paper in English? Not just only one paper. In my university, another group had a paper in the same conference, and I had to present this another paper, about a subject that I didn’t know much. It was totally crazy. However, there were a lot of Indian, Chinese and Japanese people that don’t speak English well too. In last day in Vegas, I went to know the city and the famous casinos. I realized how poor I am. Some guys bet 5 thousands per each time in black jack tables. I decided to play just 2 dollars in that coin machines. I went to a machine and earned 5 dollars. So, I went to a bigger machine (with bigger bet and better prizes). I earned 25 dollars. I was so excited and I decided to play in the best machine. Unfortunately, I lost all my money. It’s funny how you feeling after you have earned some money: “Yes, I can get again”. But I promise to myself, that I might not play anymore money. Every time, the casinos are full: 7am, 3am or 11pm.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tennis - 17th Sep - 3

We got some rain on morning.. This weekend was terrible, rainning all the day, except on Saturday morning. I played some cards games with my hostfamily and some tray games (like ludo). I watched "Road Trip" and "Appocalpsy Now". Shaun has this movies. And I need to watch his favourite band, Hamestein, Germany Metal band.

Tennis - 17th Sep - 2

In this pic, from left to right, you can see Taeko, Milly and Nickolas... Too many people to play... We played rugbi also, actually, a mini-rugbi, in the tennis court. It's difficult play it, because you can only pass ball backward.

Tennis - 17th Sep - 1

We went to play tennis in Waikato university. This super brazilian guy was playing there. We were 1 Brazilian (me), 1 French (Nick), 3 Japanese (Taeko, Susumu and ???), 2 Korean (Milly and ???) and 1 Kiwi (David, Nick host brother).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How to make Cashew Nuts

Maybe, nobody at NZ knows where nuts come from... Well, there is a fruit, called caju (portuguese word), that has two parts. The bigger part is usually yellow (or red depending the kind of the tree), you can just get from the caju tree and eat. The other part is the fruit seed and need some preparation to became the Brazil's Nuts.
Firstly, you need to expose the nuts to fire in a thin metal plate, about 10 minutes. This process causes some explosions, and some flames too.
After this, you need dry the nuts, because some water (like oil) is liberated. So, you need to pick something (made by woody, e.g.) to gently broke the rind. Finally, you can put the nuts to dry by sun about 10 hours. Salt them and eat.

Round Pool Table

After dinner, we went to a Irishi Pub, near Grillers, on Victoria St too. Great pub, with some gambling machines and this round pool table. One dollar to play a match. Funny, however, expensive, each match doesn't during much time.

Dinner on Grillers

On Saturday night, I went out with my homestay family to celebrate the soccer championship. We went to Grillers Restaurant, located on Victoria Street. I ordered some chicken, and I think the food portions here are so exagerated, but delicious (or nhami, as kiwis say).


There is a Select here too. Cool.... In Brazil, I lived near a Select, and I usually eat some sandwiche there. I remember, once I ate, in the same night, 2 sandwiches there, before and after going (come back) to a pub.

Cousins Champion

My host brother won a mini-championship of soccer. There were 117 teams from High-School, playing only 20 min on Saturday. I guess he played 6 matches to win. My host father is the coach and my host mother, the manager of the team.

Waikato River Rowling 5

In our way back, we took this pic at Enderley Park. NZ has a lot of this parks on residential regions. You can walk over like a woody bridge under closed trees. This is Sayuri Nakamura.

Waikato River Rowling 4

We met Sayuri there with a friend of her. Bobby went home to buy a guitar, and to meet some chinese guys. I ate my favority meal here, fish and chips, again, because friday night I ate tii,

Waikato River Rowling 3

Front left-right: Kiyomi (Japan) and Nicholas (France). Rear left-right: Bobby (China) and me (Brazil). Of course, you may identify my friends and me easily. I think we arrived too early, nobody watched the first's challengers.

Waikato River Rowling 2

There were a stage with jazz band playing (near midday), a big screen presenting some sponsers advertisings and the competition too. It was freezing, but nick weared just a t-shirt and he didn't feels cold.

Waikato River Rowling 1

We were just arriving on the Waikato River. I left my bike on Kiome's house and we were by feet to see the competition and meet Nick and Bobby there.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Diferences between Brazil and NZL Health System

In Brazil we have insurance and a Public Health System, called SUS (Sistema Unico de Saude -> Health Unique System).
Brazilian government pays for SUS works, like in NZL, but there are a lot of people that don't have money, and need to using SUS. However, SUS is a problem in Brazil, because you need to wait several hours in qeues in a Hospital, but you don't know if you will have attendencing. You need to arrive at 4am, if you want to.
I remember that I used to pay NZ$ 80,00 every month for insurance. It means 50% for a minimum salary in Brazil. Most brazilian people earns a minimum salary. So, a few can pay for insurance.
My teacher, Katherine, said that the insurance here cost NZ$ 200,00 a month, depending, of course, the company you want. I (an international student) remember that I paid NZ$ 384,00 per 7 months, in other words, about NZ$ 55,00 a month.
Insurance in Brazil is cheaper than in NZL. However, similar (not equals) problems happen here in Public Health System. Katherine's father need to make a surgery, but he doesn't have priority to do it. She said that, in some cases, a treatment is given for young person in first. In Brazil, I think the degree of how dangerous the disease is, is more important to decide it. Both countries need to improve their Health Systems. No much money is destinated to Health in Brazil, or at least, we see old equipaments, few doctors and nurses not satisfied with their salaries.
---Who should pay for medical care?---
If there aren't good public health systems, in any country, what could be done to improve the attendencing in Hospital? I think that there isn't answer for this question in short period. Maybe, if we have better Educational Systems, people might have a job easier, and more money would be arrecated.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mahatma Gandhi

(this is just a english task in my morning class in NZL)

Dear Gandhi,

I really admire your struggles for a social cause. I think, nowadays, everyone just only look after your own life, and forget about thinking in a commom cause. Human being are so selfish, and passing the life just to earn money to buy a house, a car, etc. Fortunatelly, there is "the family", where people looking after each others.
Your history is immortal, and show to many next generations that the real life meaning is not to what you have, but what you did in your life, and if you made some diference in the someones life (or some group or cause)


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Minonga Park

This park is 5 minutes from my homestay family house. In the top of this cliff, has some trees, where I like to seat, read some book, or just looking around. This pic was on last Friday...

Kidney Stones

The firt time that I had a crisis was 10 years ago inherited from my mother. The little stone was radio-transparent, and difficult to be found. I took several exams, in a whole month: x ray, x ray with contrast, cat scan, and nothing working. Several doctors were consulted too. One day, a doctor from another city (Recife) from mine, found the stone. In that same day, I made a extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy, without no preparation before. I just went to the cirurgy room, and the doctor put a machine on my back, in kidney region. When he turned on the machine, I felt a little shock, that was getting stronger and stronger.
In that same day, I expelled the various little stones with some blood. I had other 3 crisis, but the last was two years ago.

Monday, September 05, 2005

First Golf Match 2

There is two golf parquets blocks: for near and far distances. The ball in this pic is the role. You can get off this yellow flag, if you want.

First Golf Match 1

On Sunday, we went to a park to play my first match of golf. Our match had 18 holes, with different distance and kinds of land. The most far hole has 85 metres, and the one before the last, you need to jump a little river, because the role is located on a island.

Pool 2

I dont know the table dimensions, but how you can see in this pic, I guess its 2x4 meters. I played against Schaun, and Brazil won by 3x2 from NZL. :)

Pool 1

Every pub has a pool table. I pay 1 dolar a hour, not for playing, but to have lights over the table. In this club, play pools is free, you only pay the lights. See this great player from Brazil? He is winning all matches here.

Saturday Night

I love Fish and Fries, the most famous food in pubs here. Here, my host dad, Jack, and I, before dinner. We went to a club, and we had free deserts there. My homestay family never let me pay for nothing...

The Waikato River 2

I went to University Campus to play tennis with my friend, Nicolas (from France). Brazil won by 3x0. When I was returning to home, I took this picture from the FairField Bridge, over the Waikato River.

The Waikato River 1

This is the river that split Hamilton. I live in west side, and the Language Institute too, about 40 minutes by feet from my home. The Waikato University is located on east site, and I spend 40 minutes by bike.