Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brazil's discovering

(this is just a task in my morning class)

My essay is divided in four paragraphs: (1) when and for who Brazil was discored; (2) Treaty of Tordesilhas, which divide the "New World" between Spain and Portugal; (3) Origin of the name Brazil and (4) Portuguese Settlement in Brazil.

It's correct that Colombus discovered America in 1942, however, Brazil was discovered some years later by Pedro Alvares Cabral, in 22th April of 1500. This day is a holiday in Brazil, of course, and the birthday of my great friend, Joao Neto, "the Hunter". However, Brazil is a few older than Joao, just 478 years. The first place that Pedro Alvares Cabral saw in Brazil was "Porto Seguro" (Safe Harbor), at state of Bahia.

In that old ages, Spain and Portugal was disputing for colonizing new territories around the world. Among several agreements, they signed, in 1494, the Treaty of Tordesilhas, creating the Tordesilhas Meridian. Certainly, you can be thinking about the dates (1492 and 1500). Actually, they didn't know about how big was the America territory, and they divided the Earth in two sides, and after that, Portugal was always trying to extend the Tordesilhas Meridian to left side.

There are a lot of controversy about the orgin of the name Brazil. The official history, the same that it was tought in school, is that the name comes from "Pau-Brazil", a kind of tree achieved in Brazil discovering. This wood was used to make red dye. Actually, not red, but it looked like a burning coal (brasa in portuguese). However, in 1940's, the spelling changed to Brasil, maybe, it was motivated by the word "brasa". Both 'S' and 'Z' spelling are acceptable.

Brasil is the only Portuguese-speaking nation in America. It was manager by Lisboa until 1808, when the royal family ran away from Napolean Army and they came to set up in Rio de Janeiro, which is considered the first capital of Brasil. Because Brasil is so huge, they divided in 15 heretage captainships.