Thursday, September 08, 2005

Diferences between Brazil and NZL Health System

In Brazil we have insurance and a Public Health System, called SUS (Sistema Unico de Saude -> Health Unique System).
Brazilian government pays for SUS works, like in NZL, but there are a lot of people that don't have money, and need to using SUS. However, SUS is a problem in Brazil, because you need to wait several hours in qeues in a Hospital, but you don't know if you will have attendencing. You need to arrive at 4am, if you want to.
I remember that I used to pay NZ$ 80,00 every month for insurance. It means 50% for a minimum salary in Brazil. Most brazilian people earns a minimum salary. So, a few can pay for insurance.
My teacher, Katherine, said that the insurance here cost NZ$ 200,00 a month, depending, of course, the company you want. I (an international student) remember that I paid NZ$ 384,00 per 7 months, in other words, about NZ$ 55,00 a month.
Insurance in Brazil is cheaper than in NZL. However, similar (not equals) problems happen here in Public Health System. Katherine's father need to make a surgery, but he doesn't have priority to do it. She said that, in some cases, a treatment is given for young person in first. In Brazil, I think the degree of how dangerous the disease is, is more important to decide it. Both countries need to improve their Health Systems. No much money is destinated to Health in Brazil, or at least, we see old equipaments, few doctors and nurses not satisfied with their salaries.
---Who should pay for medical care?---
If there aren't good public health systems, in any country, what could be done to improve the attendencing in Hospital? I think that there isn't answer for this question in short period. Maybe, if we have better Educational Systems, people might have a job easier, and more money would be arrecated.