Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How to make Cashew Nuts

Maybe, nobody at NZ knows where nuts come from... Well, there is a fruit, called caju (portuguese word), that has two parts. The bigger part is usually yellow (or red depending the kind of the tree), you can just get from the caju tree and eat. The other part is the fruit seed and need some preparation to became the Brazil's Nuts.
Firstly, you need to expose the nuts to fire in a thin metal plate, about 10 minutes. This process causes some explosions, and some flames too.
After this, you need dry the nuts, because some water (like oil) is liberated. So, you need to pick something (made by woody, e.g.) to gently broke the rind. Finally, you can put the nuts to dry by sun about 10 hours. Salt them and eat.