Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Childhood

As you know, I’m 26 years old Brazilian guy. I’m the younger child of my family: one brother and two sisters. My parents meet themselves in Northeast of Brazil, Joao Pessoa. They had the first child there, Eduardo. After, they moved to Southeast, because my father went to do a Master course in Management. They stay there at least by 4 years. I and my 2 sisters were born in Belo Horizonte city. In just two years, we moved to Rio de Janeiro, the most famous city from Brazil, with the famous party, Carnival. After two years again, my parents decide to return to Joao Pessoa (JP), because is a small city, so, it has less pollution and it’s more safe to live.

When I arrived at JP (1983), my first school had only girls and few boys... What season that... This pic was got when I was 7 years.

Unfortunately, two years later, boys weren't allowed there anymore. Actually, in that time, I didn't have mature to undestand that I was in paradise. Oh man!! I changed with all my friends to PIO X (1989), and after to PhD School (1993). Here, at Hamilton, there is a High School called Saint Jones, from Marist Champanhagt, like PIO X. My host brother, Aaron, has been studying there.

I definitely had a happy childhood. I remember that I used to play volleyball with my all family every weekend. Every kids in my street used to play some games together, like "guerra-bandeira", soccer, volleyball, hide-hide, and trays games too, like War, "Imagem e Acao". In that time, kids also loved playing video. I started with Atari, and after, I spent a lot of time playing MegaDrive. I remember that I missed a class to play the game "Rambo" in a friend house.

My father always was a straight and serious man. When I got 8.5 in Maths, he would want a 9 or 10. So, I always used to study a lot. I remember that my brother passed in "Vestibular", for second call, in eletric engineer, and in his comemoration party, someone congratulation my father to his son and he said: "Yeh, but for second call". This fact was stored in my brain, and I passed in 5th place, in Computer Science, for not hearing it from him.

I had a lot of spines in my face, and I was so shy too. So, I didn't have many girlfriends. Actually, I got my first girlfriend at 19 years old. She was so different from me. She had tatoos, red hair, smoking addicted... After we split up, I had another 3 girlfriends, and I got engaged by 5 months too. Nowadays, I realize that charmous is more important than physical appearance. It's not a conversation of a ugly guy :) I really believe in it.

Once I came into university, the proportion of male:female was 10:1 in Computer Science (CS). I had been studying CS by 6 years. The few girls were marriaged ones ou nuns.

I lived at JP by about 20 years. I had my degree in Computer Science there, in 1999. Next year, I went to Recife city, to do my Master Computer in Computer Science to, specifically in Artificial Intelligence. I have a great remind from this time. I went to Las Vegas to present a paper in an International Conference. It was the first time that I got a plane, and of course, the first time that I went overseas. It was so difficult, because my English was more bad than today. Can you believe a Brazilian guy presenting a paper in English? Not just only one paper. In my university, another group had a paper in the same conference, and I had to present this another paper, about a subject that I didn’t know much. It was totally crazy. However, there were a lot of Indian, Chinese and Japanese people that don’t speak English well too. In last day in Vegas, I went to know the city and the famous casinos. I realized how poor I am. Some guys bet 5 thousands per each time in black jack tables. I decided to play just 2 dollars in that coin machines. I went to a machine and earned 5 dollars. So, I went to a bigger machine (with bigger bet and better prizes). I earned 25 dollars. I was so excited and I decided to play in the best machine. Unfortunately, I lost all my money. It’s funny how you feeling after you have earned some money: “Yes, I can get again”. But I promise to myself, that I might not play anymore money. Every time, the casinos are full: 7am, 3am or 11pm.