Monday, September 26, 2005

The trouble with white collar crime in Brazil

There is a lot of crimes in Brazil. Our thieves haven't invent the "crime", but they have been improving the way to steal someone. Brazil is known as a criative nation. Brazilian people are really criative and well-humored.

I read a book 4 years ago called The Art of Stealing Chickens (A arte de roubar galinhas), written by an important journalist, Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro. He describes some interesting stories about Brazilian thieves. One of these stories is about how poor thieves find the chickens' eggs. They simply warm the chickens' ass. You know why? Just before a chicken lays an egg, it feels its ass become warm. So, the chicken goes to its secret nest to do "this task".

Despite this interesting things (which don't have utility for anybody), I'll write some words about the critic situation that it's happening in Brazil today: white collar crime. Actually, this problem is so older than the Brazil's age: 500 years. However, government can be involved in this scandals. A parlamentar, Roberto Jefferson, have denounced huge irregularities that they are managed by the chief of lower House, Jose Dirceu. Dirceu haven't never admited to be guilty, but the left his position in government. The biggest problem rely in Work Party, that it has a history of struggling disonest politics, and now, apparently, it was accused for buy some parlamentars (about NZ$ 20.000 per month) to vote in its favour in some projects in lower House. Brazilian people can't believe that the President, Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva, might not know what it was happening in his government.