Friday, October 28, 2005

Tauranga (n. ?+1)

Tauranga (n. ?)

Birthday-Pub-Party 4

Birthday-Pub-Party 3

Birthday-Pub-Party 2

Birthday-Pub-Party 1

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Minonga Park 4

Minonga Park 3

Minonga Park 2

Minonga Park 1

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Surviving in New Zealand

(This is another essay in my afternoon class)

I have been living in New Zealand for 3 months. The living costs here, compared with Brazil are totally different. I can have a beer there for NZ$ 1, but here it costs NZ$ 5 or 6. If I had brought more money, I might be enjoying more this beautiful country.

However, three weeks ago I met a Brazilian girl here, Luisa, who has not having a good experience in NZ, in my opinion. Luisa is a 22 years old student who decided working for one year in a volunteer job. The problem isn't money. Well, she is working for the Salvation Army, at Hamilton, and as you know, she cannot have beers here. She is not allowed to drink anything here. If she hadn't paid for the whole year, I think she could change here life here.

Luisa is a kind of person who you must admire. I mean, she has a little money to spend here, she doesn't have opportunity to earn more money and she is not able to drink. Despite these little details, she looks like a happy person, always having a nice word to cheer everyone up. If people behaved the same, the world would be wonderful.

As we know, people react in different ways when they face problems. Few try to solve the real problem, and the majority just loses time thinking in no relevant stuff, like: 'why me', 'I am so unlucky', 'it was caused not by me', 'I want to die' and 'I am a looser'. One well-know author in self-help books in Brazil, Roberto Shinyashiki, believe in some supernatural power, which some calls Creator, who always says 'yes' for his creatures. He means, if you say 'I am a looser', you will always be a looser. Or if you say 'I am a fool guy', so the Creator replies 'yes'. Maybe, it's a good idea to start to speak things like 'I am the best Brazilian in New Zealand'. Of course, you will die without know if you are right or no, but it doesn't matter. What really care, it's the Creator reply 'yes' to you, so you create a nice atmosphere around you, and maybe, this becomes true.

"You are what you want to be"
Marcos Fernandes (my father)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tauranga 16

Tauranga 15

Tauranga 14

Tauranga 13

Tauranga 12

Tauranga 11

Tauranga 10

Tauranga 9

Tauranga 8

Tauranga 7

Tauranga 6

Tauranga 4

This is my 7.5 IELTS friend from Chile... Christian!

Tauranga 5

Tauranga 3

We arrived on Sunday, because that Monday was Labor Horliday in NZ... We slept in a backpacker...

Tauranga 2

The Brazilian surfers... In this beach, I cannot stand up on the board, because Felipe's board is designed for first division, and I'm trying to pass to third one...

Tauranga 1

This weekend was amazing. We went to Tauranga beach... My first white sand beach here... Kiyomi, Sayuri and Isabel... Felipe had this idea, to put a flower in front of the camera...

Friday, October 21, 2005

My Kiwi Birthday 9

This gift was awesome, from my host grand-mummy, 'my drinking beer socks'... hehehehe

My Kiwi Birthday 8

I don't know why, but everyone in my birthday asked me if I could use this little board to surf at weekend. I cannot understand why people always do this kind of joke with me...

My Kiwi Birthday 7

Look at this big meal in my birthday... I forgot to take pictures with Wendy and Luisa...

My Kiwi Birthday 6

This little Brazilian deer appeared there without been invited...

My Kiwi Birthday 4

My mummy and daddy gift, this beautiful NZ t-shirt.. I felt as a All-Back player that day.

My Kiwi Birthday 5

Tsukasa, suddenly disappear on the afternoon, in this day. We usually play truco after classes... And she was there, at my place...

My Kiwi Birthday 3

My second gift, from Aaron, a clock with alarm for I'm not arrive late at school :)

My Kiwi Birthday 2

My first gift: a NZ cap, given by my host brother, Shaun. Everyone gave one card as well. Nice day...

My Kiwi Birthday 1

We I arrived at home, at 6pm, in my birthday, my host family had prepared a surprise party. They invited some of my friends to join the great meal.

Lunch Time

Everyday, we have just 1 hour for lunch... Lunch here, in NZ, means 1 sandwiche and some fruit. At least, we have several kinds of coffee free...

Soccer Match 6

Kemel was starting his first work day in NZ, selling toys... Our professional photographer, Tsukasa...

Soccer Match 4

The Brazilian team helping Pack N'Save Hotties: Fred (middle), Luisa (right-side) , Kemel (coach) and Felipe (striker)

Soccer Match 5

After exhaustive 8 minutes playing, I was looking for water...

Soccer Match 3

The Pack n'Save team.. Kent (left) and Schaun (right)... They use to play together during the High-School

Soccer Match 1

The warm up before the match... This kind of soccer is a merge of field and indoor soccer. Brazilian players: Luisa (black t-shirt) and Felipe (purple one)

Soccer Match 2

My first soccer game, in NZ, and over past 10 years... I'm a 3 minutes soccer player...

Waikato Language Institute 5

Kanpa-i (Japanese)
Saude (Portuguese)
Salud (Spanish)
Toast (French)
Campein (Korean)
Prost (German)

Waikato Language Institute 4

I've been disseminating Brazilian's games here, and mixing them with the traditional Maori dance: haka.

Waikato Language Institute 3

Felipe Vedan, from Curitiba, and our surfing teacher on Saturday. He surfs about 10 years and he has a surfing shop in Brazil.

Waikato Language Institute 2

Outsite UWLI, every day, 10min by bike, or 45min by foot... Walking while listening music is great, but I need to go out 8:15 in the morning, so a prefer go by bike!

Waikato Language Institute 1

This is the best place at UWLI (University of Waikato Language Institute: the computer labs!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


(Another essay in my afternoon class)

This is a good essay for philosophers or people who like thinking about the life's meaning. I mean that the definition of honesty can cause a lot of controversy or personal debates. My first definition, if it can be defined, is that honesty is something that you like when someone does it to you.

As we know, each area or job has its Ethical Code Book. For example, we have a Software Engineer Ethical Code for systems developers or Hippocratic Code for doctors. We are regarding, here, the relationship between clients and providers. But Human beings have published books to moral behavior, for instance, the Bible for Christian people, whose aim is teaching what an honest or dishonest attitude is, using the life of Jesus Christ.

Great philosophers use to say that ethics and intelligence have tended to develop together through the ages and over the different cultures. This means that a race has had to improve its moral skills as well as its technological and scientific abilities. These two things walk together, in different ways along the years and from culture to culture, but always together.

However, a fundamental principle can be established to all people around the world. It's a hard exercise that everyone must do, or should. This principle can be easily defined as a common expression: 'good-sense'. This exercise consists in defining honesty like a good or bad thing that someone receives from you. For example, if someone burgles your house or if this person tells lies to you to obtain some advantage, you may not like it.

If you are a kind of person that always disagrees, you will say that one thing is honest for a person, but not for another one. Well, the fact is the so called 'good-sense' really depends on each situation, each moral stage, each chronological age, each race, and so on...

Kiwi Times - Entertainment Book

(This is just a task in my morning class)

We are making some comments about the movie of this week: Mr. Bean. The movie's name is "Mr. Bean goes to the Town", starred by Rowan Atkinson in 1992, and directed by John Howard Davies, John Birkin and Paul Weiland.

=========================    ======    ======    ==========
NAME                                         DATE        TIME        DURATION
------------------------------------     ------        ------        ----------
Mr. Bean goes to the Town           19/10        11am        15 min

We watched just an episode of this movie. It's a funny one that the situation can have happened with us. Mr. Bean bought a TV, which, of course, didn't fit in his car. Try to imagine how he can carry it. The main story happens in his small flat, in London. This is the story of his first TV installation. If unpack a brand-new TV and install it is a simple task for you, Mr. Bean will show you how funny it can be. Of course, everyone has already had problems to properly set up the TV antenna, at least, before channel by satellite. Bean has discovered the right way to do it.

Editor Opinion: It's a good movie when you are totally exhausted and you just want some light funny movie to see.
Number of Stars: 3

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tennis 3

Yeahhh, Brazil against New Zealand in Soccer... Who won? I don't need reply this question :) I'm joking... We'd just played for fun. Aaron's friend took this pic.

Tennis 2

This is my new Brazilian Kiwi friend, Luiza. I've met her on Orkut las week, and personally last Saturday, and she've made heaps of friends here. She works on a volunteer job in Salvation Army. But, I think is a double hell (no money and you are not allowed to drink). Don't you agree?

Tennis 1

First Sunday playing tennis. This time, the match was organized not for me, but by Aaron. I love this boy. He is fifteen, but he is so polite and clever. One day, I want to have a kid like him...