Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kiwi Times - Entertainment Book

(This is just a task in my morning class)

We are making some comments about the movie of this week: Mr. Bean. The movie's name is "Mr. Bean goes to the Town", starred by Rowan Atkinson in 1992, and directed by John Howard Davies, John Birkin and Paul Weiland.

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NAME                                         DATE        TIME        DURATION
------------------------------------     ------        ------        ----------
Mr. Bean goes to the Town           19/10        11am        15 min

We watched just an episode of this movie. It's a funny one that the situation can have happened with us. Mr. Bean bought a TV, which, of course, didn't fit in his car. Try to imagine how he can carry it. The main story happens in his small flat, in London. This is the story of his first TV installation. If unpack a brand-new TV and install it is a simple task for you, Mr. Bean will show you how funny it can be. Of course, everyone has already had problems to properly set up the TV antenna, at least, before channel by satellite. Bean has discovered the right way to do it.

Editor Opinion: It's a good movie when you are totally exhausted and you just want some light funny movie to see.
Number of Stars: 3