Thursday, October 13, 2005

Luck or Destiny?

(This is my essay in my afternoon class)

Over the past 5.000 years, mankind has always believed in different superstitions around the world. Every country has, developed or not, something that tries to explain the nature of our lives. What science cannot predict, people call good or bad luck.

If we can see our lives from the top of a mountain, and we can see ourselves walking on the streets of life, maybe, we would be able to imagine what will happen in the years ahead. Luck is something that usually happens if you are in the right place at the right time. Few people have the knowledge to realize where 'the streets' will take them.

As science has shown us, the brain has the capability of doing things that we cannot imagine, because we have used, until now, just a small potential of its power, actually, under 10%. Some scientists believe that some diseases are caused by bad eating or a depressing life. The fact is that we can teach our brains to believe in anything we want, and perhaps, we can make something real, for example, if you think you are intelligent, or at least, if you try to be, you will be training your synapses to react more instantly. Well, if someone believes that bad things can happen in a 13th Friday, maybe his brain can attract bad things.

However, I believe that luck and superstition are important in our lives, but in a different way. To reach a 'successful life', in work and relationships, you need to do your part: (1) study hard; (2) make good friends; (3) be a good person who helps others and who makes the other people's lives easier, and principally (4) make the best choices in your life, because, at least, we don't know where we are going to, however, we can choose a nice street to walk.