Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Surviving in New Zealand

(This is another essay in my afternoon class)

I have been living in New Zealand for 3 months. The living costs here, compared with Brazil are totally different. I can have a beer there for NZ$ 1, but here it costs NZ$ 5 or 6. If I had brought more money, I might be enjoying more this beautiful country.

However, three weeks ago I met a Brazilian girl here, Luisa, who has not having a good experience in NZ, in my opinion. Luisa is a 22 years old student who decided working for one year in a volunteer job. The problem isn't money. Well, she is working for the Salvation Army, at Hamilton, and as you know, she cannot have beers here. She is not allowed to drink anything here. If she hadn't paid for the whole year, I think she could change here life here.

Luisa is a kind of person who you must admire. I mean, she has a little money to spend here, she doesn't have opportunity to earn more money and she is not able to drink. Despite these little details, she looks like a happy person, always having a nice word to cheer everyone up. If people behaved the same, the world would be wonderful.

As we know, people react in different ways when they face problems. Few try to solve the real problem, and the majority just loses time thinking in no relevant stuff, like: 'why me', 'I am so unlucky', 'it was caused not by me', 'I want to die' and 'I am a looser'. One well-know author in self-help books in Brazil, Roberto Shinyashiki, believe in some supernatural power, which some calls Creator, who always says 'yes' for his creatures. He means, if you say 'I am a looser', you will always be a looser. Or if you say 'I am a fool guy', so the Creator replies 'yes'. Maybe, it's a good idea to start to speak things like 'I am the best Brazilian in New Zealand'. Of course, you will die without know if you are right or no, but it doesn't matter. What really care, it's the Creator reply 'yes' to you, so you create a nice atmosphere around you, and maybe, this becomes true.

"You are what you want to be"
Marcos Fernandes (my father)