Wednesday, November 16, 2005


(this is an essay in my afternoon class)

This essay verses about the problem regarding destroying forests. First of all, the term 'deforestation' covers the aspect of destroying a considerable amount of indigenous forest. Many are the causes for that, for instance, the wood factories, and the problems are well know, like pollution and some animal extinction. I am going to discuss a few possible solutions as well in the end of this essay.

The so-called industrialization and technological advances bring some problems. Many are the causes of deforestation, but we can glimpse the main problem, based on wood products: trees can die out, if we don't worry about their preservation. Examples like China, where people have destroying some areas to use for their own subsistence, or in Brazil, trading rare species of trees, and destroying rain forests. The government should inspect the whole country, but it is impossible to do, regarding the size of these countries.

The problems, as we know, are: (1) air pollution, because the rain forests have a important role in the CO2 cycle; (2) desertification has many causes, but one of them is the lack of trees, and the (3) soil erosion that is another effect of cutting down forests and (4) extinction of some species, animal and plants, which live in the forests.

Solutions for these problems have a simple concept. However when we talk about eco-conscious and economic issues (wood factory for example), it’s easy to understand, but difficult to implement. Recycling takes few minutes of our days and it can do a huge difference in the world. For instance, one tone of recycled paper conserves 15 trees. Instead of spending massive amount of money in nuclear experiences or researching new chemical weapons, why not investing money in ecological projects? Investing money for searching a low-cost material for substitute wood, frequently used in furniture appliance for example. Or develop another kind of 'paper', made by an abundant material.

Ecological developing should be more discussed among nations to allow our great grand-childs to enjoy the nature we have today in the future.